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Youth Meetings in CGBC Taiping Outreach Church2017-03-18View
Christmas Celebration in CGBC Taiping2019-12-23 view
Thursday Seekers Meeting December 20192019-12-12View
Monday Service & Celebration Birthday2019-10-14View
Thursday Seekers Meeting2019-9-26View
Monday Service Aug192019-8-26View
Healing Service2019-7-2View
Thursday Service2019-5-16View
Evangelistic Meeting2019-3-18View
CNY Service 20192019-2-18View
Monday Service Special Speaker2018-11-19View
Jesus Heals ~ Speaker: Pastor Vera Lim2018-10-15View
Thursday Service2018-9-13View
Adult Service & Celebration Birthday2018-7-9View
Parent’s Day Celebration 20182018-5-28View
Thursday Service2018-5-24View
Special Meeting2018-5-14View
Home Cell2018-3-29View
Monday Service and Baptism2018-2-5View
Celebration Christmas 20172017-12-25View
Taiping Outreach Appreciation Dinner2017-12-20View
Special Meeting with Pastor Leong Sing Kies from Seremban2017-11-27View
Parent's Day Appreciation Dinner 20172017-06-03View
Special Events Services in CGBC Taiping Outreach Church2017View