Social Concern

Dear all, CGBC Social Concern has initiated the Social Community Service (SCS) team to provide assistance to those in need in our church and the community of Ipoh at large. Our hands will reach out to especially the loners, senior citizens with limited mobility, the infirmed and the disadvantaged. We will provide meals (lunch), groceries, arranging transport to clinic / hospital etc.

In the current pandemic with the resultant restriction and disruption socially and financially, SCS will serve in a coordinated manner taking into account health safety and compliance with the MCO. SCS has assigned each member with respective areas so that we keep our service straight forward, in small circle and short distance.

The team:

  1. Deacon Chan Wing Tai – Gunung Rapat
  2. Sister Chan Sook Yee – Pasir Puteh
  3. Pr Ai Ling – Canning Garden, Ipoh Garden & Kg Simee
  4. Pr Mark Hsu – Ipoh Garden South & East
  5. Dr. Lim Wee Yoong – Bercham


If you have anyone in need, from both the Chinese or English congregation as well as our neighbours, please fill up the SCS Request Slip below. Contact one of the following only if you must. We will have the discretion to determine if what, when and how to help. We will get in touch with those who have referred on the following day. Our main task for the moment is to determine, deliver, drop then depart in accordance with the health safety and MCO.

Contact (Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm only):

  1. Chan Wing Tai – 012-5381356
  2. Pr Ai Ling – 012-5257956
  3. Pr Mark Hsu – 012-8877663
  4. Dr. Lim Wee Yoong – 016-5532966

“Love your neighbours as yourself”


Please click on the link below for the Social Community Service (SCS) Request Slip