Jubilee Message by Elder Yee Chee Yoong

Jubilee Message by Elder Yee Chee Yoong

"Going Forward in 2018 for CGBC

As we move towards our jubilee celebration on 18th Nov. 2017, I would like to remember those who were our pioneers in the church who were the forerunners in our ministry at Canning Garden Baptist Church. Being part of this church since 1990, I may not know these early pioneers, but nevertheless, we all share a common desire to build a church for His glory.

In my early years in the church, I was often told of the many leaders in the early days of the church who were also the cooks for the food and refreshments for our weekly events. They were also the ones cleaning up after these events – a reminder how blessed we are these days, where we have specific ministries and servants delegated for these tasks and leaders are kept just doing what they do best! We have gone so efficient and professional in our approach to things that sometimes we say to ourselves, “It’s so different in the good old days!”We are grateful to these pioneers for the legacy they have left behind for us, bless them and their families.

Doing ministry these days compared to the days of old may not be the same, we have grown from a small community to a significant one, our congregation may be different, but the needs are the same. The distractions may be more colourful, varied and enticing, so we need to be vigilant and strong as the onslaught of the church by the enemy is building up but our redeemer is more than able to overcome.
In this world of change, what was unthinkable in the past is the norm today. We see how values can be manipulated and manufactured to suit a situation and finding and establishing the truths is according to who is on the pedestal saying what is acceptable.

Of course, the truth that we are looking for can only be found in the upward direction towards God, our absolute point of reference. The world looks to the left and right for meaning and purpose and they will not find it as long as they do not look up and God looking down on them. Having established that point of reference, I pray that you will know your place in this family of God, for you are called and your answer to that call is the “piece” that will fill that space that only you are supposed to fill in this church.

Being a significant church, we have cell groups that have been set up to look into your needs and it is also a platform for God’s servants to minister to others, by way of service, encouragement and follow-up. This cell grouping (adults, young adults, youths and children cells) is generally reflected in the cross-section of the church ministries and through which our teachings, training and service are organized. So to grow with the church, we encourage you to be a part of a cell in the church.

We must continue to touch the community; how it was done in the past will need to be tweaked to suit the present. In all these, a set of values do not change over time, it is about love, compassion and desire that drive servants of God to be relentless in their ministries of the church. To all our servants of the church and our outreach churches, we appreciate and honour your role and calling. May He continue to enlarge your ministries to a greater depth and reach greater heights for His glory. This will be part of the legacy that you will leave for the generation that will follow after us.

I would like to honour the seniors in our church, we treasure your memories of the church and its ministries, and you will always be a part of us even when we move ahead. I say this in particular in our worship ministry, as we move to a more youthful form of worship, we will always hold on to the essence of worship that we have enjoyed in the past, that we will have wisdom to balance it so that we can worship Him as a family.

And so, we are shaped by the truths of God, from the little children in our KKC to the adults’ ministries, to go forth out of the church to be a “face” for God’s love to the world.

May God bless you on this mission."

Elder Yee Chee Yoong
Oct. 2017