Jubilee Message by Susan

Jubilee Message by Susan

    50TH Jubilee Celebration Dinner

Yes, we have finally arrived at our Golden Anniversary Celebration!Canning Garden Baptist Church(CGBC) held its first service on 19 November 1967. On 18 November 2017, we honored the church’s 50th anniversary with a Grand DinnerCelebration in Elite Grand Ballroom. The celebration was kick started by a Special Fun Spin for the church members to win a prize, followed by a special procession of flags to signify theUnity of Leaders.We hadperformances across ministriessuch as “Soar like Eagle” by the Eagles’ Team and Taiping Outreach, “This is Living”by the Youth, “We are One Body”by the King Kids’ Church, the Extraordinary Duet, Cake Cutting ceremony, launching of the new CGBC Website and also a secretly planned Special Item by the Young Adults to honor the leaders and church members. Their love and passion for the people were worth celebrating!

The 50 Years of Grace celebration was our way of recognizing the contributions of all the individuals and groups who have been involved with the church and its missions over the past five decades. It is also a way of preparing for the future generationto rise up to the next 50 years of grace.

The church members also got to enjoy the congregation’s memories of 50 Years of Grace. A specially designed photo gallery was preparedfor them to view the past memories of CGBC from the 50thuntil present. Some memories are just unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!The collective memories of the 50th Anniversary of CGBCare a wonderful opportunity to be THANKFUL to God's tenderness, kindness and mercy, which have never failed, as providential fulfillment of the Gospel!

Dec. 2017